Jane (xjanerzx) wrote in macbook,

MacBook Pro Noob

So I just recently bought my first Apple computer, my 13-inch MacBook Pro, after going through 3 Toshiba laptops.
I love it, but I'm still figuring out little I things I can do troubleshooting wise.

I'm struggling with my Internet connection. I can connect to my network no problem - but it's unbearable!
I connect from AirPort, and even though it says 'Connected' - it doesn't connect to the Internet right away. Usually I have to disconnect and connect multiple times before the internet begins to work; but then the Internet is unbearably slow. And it constantly disconnects.

However, my brothers have no problem with their Internet connection on their PC's and my years old Dell Desktop can connect to the network and use the Internet just fine.

Is there anything I'm done wrong? Anything I can do to fix it?
Thanks :)
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