very much alive (iamsupernova) wrote in macbook,
very much alive

Podcast trouble

I'm having difficulty sorting my podcasts.

On my iTunes, in my Podcasts section, it shows that I am subscribed to the same podcast, twice. Right underneath each other. And different individual episodes of that podcast are saved inside both those categories. I can't seem to be able to combine them. I've tried editing things in "Get info". I've tried re-sorting the files in my iTunes Finder folder. They're currently all in one Finder folder under the same podcast name, but iTunes still separates them.

Similarly, I am subscribed to another podcast called Rich & Allison's Super Happy Fun Time, and again it appears that I am subscribed to "Rich and Allison's Super Happy Fun Time" right underneath. And like the previous problematic podcast, these two different categories both contain different episodes of the same podcast, and won't consolidate.

Any advice, please?
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