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Black Screen - FIXED


I have a 13" white Macbook that I got in January '07. It has 2 Gigs of RAM, last OS was 10.4.9. Last night, at 9:30 PM PST, I downloaded some updates for it -- a security fix, a upgrade to 10.4.10, Quicktime update, and iTune update. I didn't really look closely, but they were the latest updates. I left it running and went to water the yard for a hour. Came back, the Macbook screen was black. Hit the spacebar to wake it up. No response. Ran finger over the track pad. Nothing. Hit the track bar. Nothing. Closed lid, waited, opened lid. Nothing. Pressed F2. Nothing.

So Rebooted. Started up normally. But screen is black. Not sleeping (would have known by the slow pulsing light indicator). I rebooted it again. Nothing. Just the black screen. Sounds normal. No loud fans or clicking. Just black screen. Repeated stuff mentioned earlier, even got a flashlight to see if I could see the desktop. Nope. Rebooted and zapped the PRAM. Heard the third bong, released. Still black screen.

Read manual and said to reinstall. So I put CD in, reboot and hold key C down. Heard it start up from the CD, but the screen is still black.

Is my screen burnt out?

Anyone ever have this? I'm going to call Apple Care when they're available. This is no fun on a weekend.

UPDATE July 17 2007: Called Apple Care, they say it's a firmware failure that was in the OS update for 10.4.10 for the MacBook. They told me to download the firmware fix from their site, and make a CD out of it, then try it. If THAT still doesn't fix it, I'm to call them back and maybe end up shipping the Macbook back. I'm praying that this CD fixes it. So folks, try downloading the firmware fix BEFORE you do the OS update. It is called Firmware Restoration CD 1.3

update july 23:
I took my macbook to an apple authorized service center in chico last wednesday (july 18). Today, got a call that it's all fixed! And all before wed. the 25th! They liked the cat skin on it and wanted to fix it so they could peek at its content. Turns out the problem was the RAM. All 2 gigs of them were defective. Since this was the 3rd RAM switch, they put in real Apple Macbook RAM instead of the third-party ones I had (kingston from MacMall). I'm happy it was not a major thing.

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