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Steve Jobs - 1955-2011 [06 Oct 2011|10:06am]

As I posted on davidkevin's thread I wanted to post out open as well..

We lost a great visionary and doer yesterday.

While others would cry, where is my jet-pack, where is my flying car, where is the future that was promised me? Steve went about making the future for us all. We have suffered a great loss.

To borrow from my friend coffeehouse, in short: He was our Tesla...
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Steve Jobs [06 Oct 2011|09:33am]

[ mood | melancholy ]


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faulty graphics card? [16 Jun 2011|07:58am]

[ mood | sad ]

total newb to this comm, but I've had a Macbook (not pro) since 2007 and have had problems on and off with the screen going blank randomly. I've tried the obvious things - pulling battery out, ctrl+command+power, but still no go. I'm starting to suspect a bad video card (which I've read is soldered to the motherboard)
It's going to the Apple store today, but based on what I'm Googling, it sounds like I'm out of luck. The screen stays black when it sounds like it's booting up, or once on, turns black sporadically. I JUST replaced the hard drive on this thing. Any other thoughts?

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is this normal? [19 Feb 2011|10:17pm]
I've recently got a macbook (pro, 13") and am not familiar with macs. My question is, often when using a program I get the little colorwheel that unables me of using the program for a few seconds, I think that'd be equivalent to the "not responding" issue in windows. Is that normal? Because I've always heard that we don't usually have those type of problems with macs so I'm not sure. I have 4GBs of memory and a 500GB HD with 371GB available, if it makes a difference.
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Screen lockup/panic [29 Nov 2010|12:37am]

Okay, I've only had this Macbook for six months, and twice in the past two days the screen locked up and I got a warning message telling me I need to restart my computer. Once I restarted it I got a crash report box.

Each time it's done this, my battery was in the red, I was on Safari, and I was on the same particular website. Has this happened to anyone else?
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2004 Word for MAC help [10 Nov 2010|11:06am]

I am going CRAZY. Hoping this is something simple I just haven't figured out. I CANNOT turn off my double-spacing. I have it turned off in formatting, I have 0 pt spacing before and after, yet there is still spacing between the lines. Any clue?

xposted to macintosh
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MACBOOK PRO FOR SALE!! [31 Aug 2010|12:59pm]


condition:   LIKE NEW
screen:   15" Anti-Glare
operating system:   MAC OS SNOW LEOPARD
processor:   2.5ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
memory:    4gb 667mhz DDR2 SDRAM
hard drive:   250gb
extras:    Incase Chocolate Brown MacBook Pro Bag (retail cost $60)

It comes with all original materials and disks plus the original box (pictured). The cosmetic condition is perfect except for one tiny mark on the edge where I rested my hand one too many times (pictured below). I've never had any issues with the macbook and am only selling it because I recently upgraded to a new 27" iMac. :)


Price:    $800

International Shipping: I'll subtract the cost of USA shipping but anything over that will have to be added to the cost.

Notes: Price was determined based on apple's recycle price and going rates on ebay, I'm willing to consider best offers however. If you'd prefer to do a private auction through ebay, I'm fine with it (I've done it before) but ebay costs will be added to the price. If you pay through paypal and don't want to use "personal gift" to avoid paypal fees then the fees will be added to your cost.
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looking for a power cord with magnet connector [29 Jun 2010|11:57am]

Hello Guys.

I've successfully broken second connector from my power adapter :) first time it was a mechanical damage and second after a voltage surge.
Can someone advice me if can I order that part of cord with this connector somewhere?

I would take 3 for my evil experiments. :)

Bying a cheap chinas fake adapters option

Buying chinese, cheap, fake adapters will be considered in case I don't find chinese, cheap, fake cord with THE Connector.

UPD: or may be someone know what is it and where I can buy it:

Many thanks in advance
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Comcast and Airport Express [15 Feb 2010|04:22pm]

Hi there. I recently (as in today) got Comcast internet with an RCA modem. What I want to do is connect my Airport Express to it, but the usual methods (soft reset) doesn't work. Is there some special way because I'd like to have my wireless printer and internet back? It seems silly with my MB and MBP to have to use the ethernet as the only viable option. Is there any way to make this work? I've been trying for about 30 minutes and am ready to toss the AE out the window. It worked in my previous apartment but that was AT&T. Any help would be appreciated.
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Trouble editing Flip Mino HD Clips in iMovie 08 [17 Jan 2010|02:41pm]

Does anyone have a flip and can more easily explain to me the trick to editing them in iMovie 08? The file time isn't read by iMovie but apparently there's some way around this. I've googled this issue and have found explanations but I'm not savvy enough with macs to really understand.

If anyone has any info I'd greatly appreciate it.

Sorry I don't have any more information, I'm really clueless right now.
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Help! [12 Dec 2009|11:21pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

I never thought I would have a pickle with my macbook, but suddenly it has decided that it doesn't have a battery attached to it!

I plugged it in before turning it on and when I turned it on it said it was at 36% battery and charging. I went to watch a podcast and had to update my flash software and then suddenly I notice a nice big X on my battery... I don't know if this is at all related or what but I'm quite nervous because that macbook is my old computer which I have promised to pass on to my dad now that I've graduated to the macbook pro. Does anyone know what is wrong with it? I took canned air to the battery and compartment to try and get the dust off, and it still wont work!

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MacBook Pro Noob [02 Dec 2009|07:19pm]

So I just recently bought my first Apple computer, my 13-inch MacBook Pro, after going through 3 Toshiba laptops.
I love it, but I'm still figuring out little I things I can do troubleshooting wise.

I'm struggling with my Internet connection. I can connect to my network no problem - but it's unbearable!
I connect from AirPort, and even though it says 'Connected' - it doesn't connect to the Internet right away. Usually I have to disconnect and connect multiple times before the internet begins to work; but then the Internet is unbearably slow. And it constantly disconnects.

However, my brothers have no problem with their Internet connection on their PC's and my years old Dell Desktop can connect to the network and use the Internet just fine.

Is there anything I'm done wrong? Anything I can do to fix it?
Thanks :)
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If you didn't know... [10 Nov 2009|04:32pm]

MacHeist has a pretty cool free bundle. There is one day left to get yours...

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Migration/iPhone Question [01 Nov 2009|09:14am]

I migrated from my MBP to the new MB, but have encountered an interesting situation when trying to sync my iphone.

There is at least one application I have that was removed from the app store - the Google voice app - that I don't want to lose. Any idea how to migrate and sync with my new computer without losing it on the iPhone? The first time I tried syncing with the new computer, it allowed the sync but deleted almost all of my applications. I've since gone down and re-synced the phone with my old laptop, thus restoring all my applications, but if at all possible, I don't want to have to do that again.

Any ideas on a hack to bring my purchased and free applications from the old computer to the new one?
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New MaBook [29 Oct 2009|03:13pm]

Hey Folk -

I am going to pick up my new macbook from Fed Ex tomorrow (I missed delivery today) and it just occured to me that it has no firewire. I would normally import things from my old computer using a firewire, but don't know how I might do that this time. Google has not been my friend or I've not been using the right search terms. Any of you who've gotten a new machine in the post-firewire era have any news or advice?
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Mod Post [17 Jul 2009|10:36am]


I created this community pretty much the day the MacBookPro was announced. Although now I do own a MacBook, I really have no interest in moderating this community anymore.

Is anyone else interested in taking up the reigns on this? I'd be more than happy to pass it on to two or three new users.

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[16 Jul 2009|11:59pm]

this is a bit of an emergency, but i was wondering if there was any such thing as a laptop connect card type thing for macs? you know how they have those commercials for the at&t laptop connect cards? i looked at the airport express, but it doesn't look like it would be what i needed.

i'm flying out to california soon as we have a family emergency and since i'll be gone for a while with little to no internet access and i can't afford to get dropped from my school classes as a result of that. i do them online, which is why i'm kind of frazzled about this whole thing.

any help would be appreciated.
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Podcast trouble [14 Jul 2009|12:09pm]

I'm having difficulty sorting my podcasts.

On my iTunes, in my Podcasts section, it shows that I am subscribed to the same podcast, twice. Right underneath each other. And different individual episodes of that podcast are saved inside both those categories. I can't seem to be able to combine them. I've tried editing things in "Get info". I've tried re-sorting the files in my iTunes Finder folder. They're currently all in one Finder folder under the same podcast name, but iTunes still separates them.

Similarly, I am subscribed to another podcast called Rich & Allison's Super Happy Fun Time, and again it appears that I am subscribed to "Rich and Allison's Super Happy Fun Time" right underneath. And like the previous problematic podcast, these two different categories both contain different episodes of the same podcast, and won't consolidate.

Any advice, please?
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iMovie sound issue [06 Jun 2009|01:03am]

Tonight I recorded quite a bit of content and I am having an issue with the sound disappearing once I play the movies? The sound is there when I drag my mouse over the clips, but when I play it nothing is happening. No sound. I've tried adjusting any volume options. I'm definitely an iMovie noob so I'm afraid it's something very simple that I'm over-looking.
Any ideas on how to fix this? It's frustrating to be able to hear bits and pieces when I drag over the clips, but to hear nothing when it's being played doesn't make sense.

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[15 May 2009|06:16pm]

Okay, I don't know how this happen, but my 'question mark' key fell off.
These are the pieces:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

How would I go abouts putting it back the right way? My Apple store is so far and I don't feel like driving.
Or even just, which way the white piece goes?
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